Go Natural: Effective, Simple Home Remedies For Hair Regeneration

Go Natural: Effective, Simple Home Remedies For Hair Regeneration

Hair is something women are fanatic about. Not because hair enhances beauty but if handled artistically, it can recreate incredible mystique persona for you. Understanding the value of hair, when one fine morning it starts shedding everything seems to fall apart, especially if you are a hair aficionado and have long shiny hair, you are definite to shriek in fear. Balding is curse whether its frontal or edges. So here are some proven home remedies highly effective over the chemical treatments.

However few hair salons frisco tx are there to offer expert solutions to accelerate hair growth but if you are not willing to go for professional treatments now, you can surely try these home remedies and push regeneration of new hair cells right away.

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Onion juice

  • One of the effective traditional tricka to enhance hair growth, onion juice contains sulphur that ignites collagen production and development.
  • The strong smell of onion may dampen your spirit but be rest assured after one rinse the smell of the onion goes off.
  • You can cut few slices of onion, squeeze little juice, apply the same onto the scalp, and leave it for10-15 minutes.
  • You will feel the magic once you start using.

Coconut Milk

  • Coconut milk, is one fine effective natural hair growth remedy, coconut milk is rich in potassium, important fats and iron.
  • You must need to apply fresh coconut milk from a fresh coconut.
  • If you are thinking about applying simulated, mill made coconut milk, don’t ever think about it.
  • You should not apply raw milk but need to mix few other herbal ingredients such as drops of lemon, few drops of lavender oil.
  • You need to mix everything up meticulously and apply generously onto the scalp, leave the thing for 4 to 5 hours and then shampoo the whole thing up.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Seeking something to cleanse your scalp, apple cider vinegar is the best solution for you and it speeds up hair growth as well.
  • But you should not apply the raw solution onto the scalp.
  • It has to be diluted where the cider vinegar is needed to be mixed with water.
  • One cup of such solution will do for sure.
  • Rinse the hair and make it wet and then clean the hair with that solution and finally wash the hair.
  • The vinegar will give your hair some boost and enhance the sheen.

Egg Mask

  • Egg is effective when you are trying for hair growth, you can prepare egg mask and apply.
  • The egg protein is known to have magical power to enhance new hair cell regeneration.
  • Egg is also has high measure of zinc, phosphorous, sulphur, iodine and selenium.
  • When you are preparing egg mask, you need to separate egg white from the yolk.
  • You can add olive oil and honey.
  • You need to beat up the mixture and apply that all over the hair from scalp to tip, keep the mixture for 20 minutes.
  • Using cool water you can rinse off the mixture using shampoo.Green Tea
  • Every day you throw away number of tea bags, here is something effective you can do with those used tea bags.
  • Green tea, which is known as good source of antioxidants, helps in improving hair growth thus thwarting hair fall.
  • You need to apply warm tea from those used tea bags, all over your scalp and have it for an hour.
  • You can wash the same applying cold water.

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Finding a Good Hairdresser near Me

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After moving to a new neighborhood or town, it is often not easy to find places like beauty salons or other places for that matter. However, there are several tips that you could use to find all these places in a simple manner. Below are some of the most basic tips that could be resourceful when one embarks on the task of searching for a good hair dresser in your location.

Using Online Directories

One can use the various available online directories to search for hairdressers near them by inputting the search keyword, hair dresser near me. This will in turn bring several search results which one can filter through easily one by one to find several hairdressers that they will then compare to find the best one. It is possible to visit their websites in an effort to gauge the services they offer and this will make it easier to choose the most suitable hairdresser according to your needs. It is also possible to get the contacts of the hairdressers whereby one could call them and inquire about the hairdressing services they offer as well as their rates.


If you have no idea about any of the hairdressers around you, it is wise to seek recommendations from people who know the area better than you. Hairdressing and beauty profession relies on recommendations most of the time and this is the main reason why seeking great recommendations will land you a great hairdresser. Ensure that the person recommending a particular hairdresser to you has had a direct contact with them and knows or has experienced their services. This will be a guarantee that the services you will get from such hairdressers will be top notch.

Experience and Reputation

After getting the hairdressers that are regarded as the best in your area, it is also advisable to find out more about their experience and reputation. You can perform a background search on these hairdressers to establish the number of years they have been actively involved in the profession. The longer they have been in the business the better their skills will be and hence the more suitable they will be for you. Their reputation will also speak volumes about their service delivery as well as general customer handling service. One could look for their reviews to establish whether their past clients complain about either their services or attitude before you venture into their premises. If there are so many positive reviews regarding one hairdresser in particular, then they could be the best to choose.

Lastly, if all the above steps are religiously followed, it would be possible for one to succeed in the quest of finding a good hairdresser near me.

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